Some of my personal favorites.

InkTober 2016

My third year participating in InkTober and my most ambitious year so far. I didn't film any time-lapse of these, but I have a video of me showing the first part here https://youtu.be/ImAwZah6FXQ and in this video you can see what materials I used https://youtu.be/Z7wB8NzXXvA

Here are some of my favorites that year!

InkTober 2015

This was my second year participating in InkTober, but because I was pregnant with my first child during this time, I only manage to finish 8 days out of 31. But I filmed each of those days and those can be found on my Youtube channal in this playlist

InkTober 2014

InkTober was created by Jake Parker back in 2009 and the idea is to make 31 drawings, one for each day in October.

This was my first attempt of doing InkTober, and I had so much fun!

Here are my favorites from that year!

If you like to learn more about InkTober, I really recomend that you check out Jake Parkers info page about it here -> http://inktober.com/